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Screen Time Selections for Early Childhood
Posted on 12/04/2019
Screen Time Selections for Early Childhood

As parents, we’re bombarded with information about the effects of digital devices on our young children.  We often hear that screen time should be limited.  As the Technology Integration Specialist for the district, I agree.  However, I want to share some suggestions for making screen time a positive learning experience for the young ones in your household. 


For children under six, apps created by Duck Duck Moose are educational and fun.  If you do a search in your app store for Duck Duck Moose, you’ll see an abundance of great apps for all young learners that enhance their creativity and engagement in learning.  At Sanford Early Childhood Center, students in Kindergarten often use Moose Math or Duck Duck Moose Read to practice and enhance their math and reading skills.  These apps use a variety of activities that support good reading and math instruction.  


Another great website to save on your device’s home screen is from the Indianapolis Public Library.  The Indy Public Library has collected more than 100 children’s books with read aloud videos.  While we know that nothing can be better than a parent or grandparent reading aloud to their child, this is a good option when you’re in the car or making supper. Check out 100 Free Read Alouds and find a good book to listen to with your child.

Dr. Vera Weber